Sunday, September 5, 2010

My wonderful Mamaw

On july 5, 2010 my dear sweet mamaw pass passed away and went home to be with our heavenly father and loved ones that have left before us. I have spoken on here before of her horrible disease. She suffered from alzhiemer's, she fought the good fight tho. In her stubborness I am sure that is what made her last so long. Just last year she suffered from double pneumonia on take of a massive stroke and the family was called in saying she would not make it thru the next 24 hours. But..... she did and suffered from pnuuemonia again later on in the year.
The thing is that God takes you out of this world when it is your time, and we have to accept it as part of his plan and ask for his comfort.
I was practically around this woman my entire childhood our families did everything together. We went on vacation every year together, spent every church service together. I am so grateful to have such a close family. We are all attached to each other's hips. All though this drives my husband crazy sometimes I would not have it any other way.
This was my last actual grandparent that was living. I still have a step papaw tho, whom I love very much and he is not in good health either.I know my mamaw is in a much better place. She suffered so much from this ugly disease, I just hope they can find a cure for this disease along with many others that are so tragic.