Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our losses July 2010

Well as some of you may all ready know on July 19,2010 My family faced an unexpected tragedy. My brother-in-law Randy Turnbill passed away of a massive heart attack at the young age of 31. His and my sister's relationship was shared for 8 years and 3 beautiful boys age right now of 7,6, and 3 lost their daddy.I have known Randy since I was a mere child when he came into our lives thru my eldest sister Kathy.I have several memories from my childhood on up of him. I hold them very near and dear to my heart.
Randy was a man that was as hard headed as they came, very set in his old fashioned ways. You could confide anything in him and never have a worry about it getting any further. He was a macho man I don't think anybody could have ever gotten the better of him in a fight,lol. I know they didn't when he was on this earth anyways.
He was the youngest of 7 boys I guess that could explain his toughness. But he would give the shirt off his back to anyone. He had a kind heart, regardless of his actions. He was an a+ dad to those boys he loved them and wanted each and everyone of them.
I was always told throughout my entire life that you never know when death will come knocking at your door, I always knew that to be true but this really set the reality in on me. I will always cherish the time I have had with him, he was an in law but in my feelings he was a brother with or without the same blood line.