Friday, October 17, 2008

Spending time with the Kids!

We are getting closer to Halloween, better yet Christmas is just around the corner. Anyways, since I am unemployed now I am trying to enjoy some family time. I made a pile of leaves to play in, which we had plenty. Adan would not go any where near it. I put her in it and she just screamed mama, mama, over and over again and then made sure to keep a lot of distance between her and the leaf pile. Kids can be real funny sometimes.

Then we bought a small pumpkin, I had no intention on carving it, Austin just insisted that we get one. Damon took it into his own hands and carved it. I think it turned out pretty good.

The last picture you see is my beautiful two children. Adan looks up to Austin so much, I can just see the love in her eyes when she looks at her big brother. She is getting bigger and smarter everyday, she has more than 20 words in her vocabulary now. Just so you know she does not pronounce them great but she tries. Instead of brother she says bubba, bath is ba, book is said without the k. She said cookie yesterday and baby, papaw, mamaw, of course mama and daddy. She tries to mawk everything you do or say. She really cracked me up the other day when we were eating at the table and Damon burped and she literally mimicked his burp with some sound.

Of course with me being off from work Austin is not in daycare anymore so I decided I would attempt to teach him at home. I just knew he would not listen to a word I said. But he surpRised me, as I would give an activity he would do excellent. Sometimes I would have to help him of course. Then when I think we are done he says mom I want to do more, so I have been having fun with him. We are planning on making a Scare Crow in the next couple of days when we do I will definitely post our masterpiece, lol.