Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy Day

Today, we were out of the house all day. But with much enjoyment. My church family is very, very, important to me.Below is a picture of a Makaelib, he was baptised tonight at Gateway Baptist Church. He is the son of Angie Cooper and she is definitely my sister, regardless of blood or not. I have known her and her family since birth, and I love them all dearly. It is such a beautiful thing to see such a young person wanting to live their life for the Lord. Love you Bud!!!

We also visited my mamaw today, she is in a nursing home in Athens, Tn. She had to be placed in a lock down facility due to having the disease Alzhiemers. This is such an ugly, heartbreaking disease. Most of the time it is hard for me to stomach it. She is in good health now. Except she does not know half the people in her family. Example of how bad for those of you who don't understand, I was around her my whole life, it was not like a once a month thing, more or less everyday with frequent vacations. Today I go in there, and my dad does his normal routine and asks if she knows who he is. She states of course you look more and more like your dad everyday.(I am assuming she remembers him today because my dad does look like his dad, but...) So my dad states well who is my dad, she says laughing you should know your own dad is Arthur. (Arthur is my mamaw's brother, my papaw's name of course was Fletcher Stegall) So then my dad asks her who I am she said she does not know, he says well that is your grand daughter and your great grand daughter and great grand son. She smiles at me and says well that is nice. This is the woman that would wake me up in the middle of the night picking my nose cuz she said I was not breathing right, the very first person I ever stayed away from mom and daddy with and the same person who taught me how to tie my shoes. I vowed to myself when my mamaw frost died in 2005 and austin was only 1 that he would know this mamaw. Unfortunately she was in the early stages even then and he can know her, But she won't know him. It is hard to deal with not to mention absolutely heart wrenching. Below is some pictures, My Mamaw Pass and Papaw Pass have been married for 46 yrs, he is now living with my uncle due to the dr's stating a week ago he can no longer live by himself and they told us he has a slight touch of Alzheimer's.