Friday, September 26, 2008

Austin's Suprise for Me!!!

Austin goes to a local daycare in Rockwood called Little People Learning Academy. Well he has learned a lot there, counting, abc's, how to spell his name, write his name,when his Birthday is. But little did I know of the rhymes and riddles they teach him!!! He asks me Wednesday if he can sing me a song, so I am thinking he is going to sing his usual songs. Examples being Jesus Loves Me, Zip a dee do da, etc.... Well he has a suprise for me, I have never even heard these and let alone that he knows his right from his left or when he learned them. Ha, he is my baby and in my opinion extremely smart but I am so proud of him, it brings me to tears.By the way I had to record them all seperately so he could watch hisself, lol.

This is something about his family on his fingers.

This is his left and right song.

In this one he is telling me about a smile in his pocket.

In this one he is telling you not to pick your nose, ha!