Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adan Kay

Well Adan is 2 1/2 now will be 3 in September. This little girl surprises me everyday, she talks your head off. Which at this age I can remember with Austin everything they do shocks me. Because it is like, Wait a minute you are not supposed to know that, you are not supposed to say that . I mean I still think of them as babies but she proves me wrong daily just like Austin did. It is definitely hard to accept seeing as how my baby department has been shut down and there will be no more babies. It is hilarious how she sings along with the radio. Every time American Idol comes on she goes and grabs her microphone and sings her little heart out. Now that she definitely takes after her momma. Anyone who knew me in younger years knows that I sang,, sang ,sang, ha. But that is OK she is my little singer and maybe one day when she is big enough we can get up at church and sing together :). Nothing would make my heart happier!!!!!! I love that little girl, it is so funny how my kids are so different and has changed my life so much!!!