Wednesday, November 4, 2009


at the end of the night before our scary movie
baby jayden and his granny, he is dressed as a ninja!!!
my cousin kayla, she dressed up for a haunted house
she is hilarious, she smiles so big she has to shut her eyes.

Well this year halloween was fun, I made austin the costume, because he wanted to be alvin and i could not find a costume to buy any where. So I just found this home made costume website that told me exactly how to make it. Adan's was much easier just found her costume on line to buy. But 5 yr olds are definitely more difficult. Austin was woried he would not be recognized, but only 1 person all night did not recognize him and they must not have watched tv very much in their lifetime, lol. But the kids got plenty of candy for the whole 6 houses we made it to. We even had our own trick or treaters when we gothome at 8:30 cuz we forget to turn our porch light off, ha.