Thursday, March 19, 2009

My baby boy is 5!!!

Oh my goodness how time flies with your children on March 11, 2009 my baby boy austin turned 5. We had a huge surprise party and it was awesome I went all out with hiring a caterer to make an extra special cake because wal-mart or any other deli's did not have a looney tunes cake. He had a blast and was super surprised he had no idea I can remember it seemed like just yesterday he was a baby being brought home from the hospital, yes I have cried and cried thinking of how he is not little any more.

I remember when I decided to quit breastfeeding he started having problems using the bathroom, and he was so ridiculously fussy. Me being a first time mommy was nervous and scared and clueless as to how to help him. He had been crying for an hour or more, Damonand I had don everything we could and he would not quit. So what else do you do? Call MOM and that is what I did she came right over. She picks him up and he goes right to sleep. Ughh and my mom tells me in a loud voice "you are a nervous wreck and he can tell so you have to calm down and take care of him" lesson learned.

I could not imagine my life without this little angel in it. God has truly blessed me with both of my children. Austin was my rock during some very hard times in my life and I believe God knew that he would be when he put him in my life. Those of you who are reading this and knows me knows of those times so I do not have to elaborate. Of course he has no realization as to the huge impact he has made he was just a baby and still is but I definitely would have lost some sanity had he not been there.

Well I put together a small montage of my baby growing up I hope you can watch it and see this beautiful little baby grow into a little boy!!!!