Friday, December 26, 2008

My precious Papaw

I had recently published a post about how my Papaw could no longer take care of himself and had moved in with my uncle due to dr's order. On Christmas eve on the way to a Christams program my uncle gave us a phone call telling us they were rushing him to their nearest hospital in Chattanooga by life star that he had experienced a stroke. A few minutes later he calls us back to tell us due to inclement weather it was no longer possible so they rushed him by ambulance. Then this morning the 26th they called and stated if we wanted to see him we needed to come now, he had another stroke, can no longer walk or eat solid foods. So we went of course and bless his heart he is so afraid of dying. He can move his legs but is to weak to walk or function but he still has his personality.They discovered he has blocked arteries in his neck which is causing his blood pressure to sky rocket and ultimately causing his severe headaches he has complained about for a while. So you may ask why did they not discover it sooner. Well he is scared of dr's, I would like for anyone reading this to please say a prayer for him that God will let his will be done with him and keep him safe. They want to do surgery, and they are concerned he is to weak for the operation. I pray that God will guide the dr's in the right direction as they make their decision.
My cousin Matthew whom my papaw and mamaw raised since he was a toddler.He is trying to smile but he does not have function of all his face muscles.

My uncle Kenny whom has taken over the role as caretaker for him, he is also matthew's dad, and my daddy's brother, of course.
Matthew whispering his I love you's before he has to leave, he is considerably stressed having to come back to Roane county to serve out his jail sentence for the next 20 days not knowing the fate of our papaw.