Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun...

This is my 4 yr old nephew Jonathon dressed as the Incredible Hulk

This is my 5 yr old nephew Randy dressed as a fireman.

These are my 2 beautiful nieces Lexy and Chelsey 10 & 8. They are dressed like the characters on High School Musical.

This is my beautiful little girl Adan Kay dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. She had a blast the whole night she was holding out her hand at people saying ere, ere (her version of here) for them to put candy in her hand, she was extremely happy that they did, and would not let her bucket go.

This is my handsome Big Man Austin who is truly a trooper having to go to the er the night before cuz he busted his chin open on the bathtub, they glued it thank goodness instead of stitches. He is dressed as the muscular Incredible Hulk. We started a tradition after a couple of years of trick or treating. Damon's family always gives the kids candy galore, there are about 5 houses in total that we visit, of course you talk to em' when you are there. Well due to little time, safety, and Austin getting extremely upset with people that we don't know just giving him one piece, we have stuck to just going to family's houses and Damon goes to wal-mart and buys some candy on clearance for himself, ha. Last night though they were having a trunk or treat across the street from one of the houses we visited. We went there, Austin did ok but his daddy had to stop him from grabbing candy out of their bowls.( He thought he could help himself) Well I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween we have enough candy to last us thru Christmas.